Embarking on the project was a unique challenge and opportunity for Mast Builders, LLC. Our clients, who had discovered us on Facebook, had been living in their home for two years without utilizing the Master Bathroom shower due to its unusable condition. Recognizing their need for a transformative bathroom remodel, we met with them and successfully addressed this crucial aspect of their living space.

As the project unfolded, our relationship with the family evolved beyond mere contractors and clients. The fact that they lived for two years without a functional shower underscores the impact our work had on enhancing their daily lives. This journey with the family exemplifies our commitment to not only meeting the practical needs of our clients but also forging enduring relationships through quality craftsmanship and personalized service.

Before showing more images, let’s introduce you to our customer who can provide the best personal tour of the project and relationship with our company.

Here we show a frameless shower glass door with a beautiful tile pattern.  Feeling great to start or end the day.

Every detail from the niche, valves and handles were considered.  While the bathroom may be a smaller remodeling project, we can still bring out the room to be as glamorous as possible.

The vanity details are clean and classy.

And here are some more random pictures from your neighbors in Hendersonville for this quaint Bathroom Remodeling project.

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