Fletcher, North Carolina

Fletcher has experienced some recent growth greatly due to the strategic location between Hendersonville and Asheville, being along a major interstate highway and right next to the area’s largest airport.

Some may be interested in knowing that early settlers and farmers liked the Fletcher area because of the rare availability of limestone. Limestone is a valuable resource for agricultural farming, and Fletcher has one of the few limestone quarries east of Knoxville. The limestone, which was first mined in the early 1800s, is still being actively mined in the quarry along Fanning Bridge Road.  Now Fletcher is where beautiful urban and rural spaces come together in a caring and friendly community. As a Town, it values the history, rural character, and peaceful nature of our area and people. To learn more about this beautiful location, please visit the Town of Fletcher website.

Mast Builders recently expanded to the area, and we love it. In fact, we are proud to call the Fletcher area our new home. We have been in business since 2003. Specializing in kitchen and bathroom renovations, Mast Builders provides high-quality service with integrity and heart. We are members of the Fletcher Area Business Association.

At Mast Builders, our team of skilled professionals is here to help you build a Kitchen Remodel, Bathroom Remodel, or Outdoor Living Space that fits your family and your lifestyle. 

Textures and Stone

The images presented above and below are of a Kitchen Remodel for one of your Fletcher neighbors.  In this photo we added some texture to the kitchen with a new stone backsplash.

Originally from Virginia, we first came to the area to be closer to family.  The other reason is we love the mountains, hiking, tubing, canoeing and swimming in the rivers.  Anything spending time outdoors with the children.  A higher elevation brings slightly cooler weather which is also a plus for us too.

Spa-Like Experiences

Next is a Bathroom Remodel we completed for a customer in Fletcher. Removing the fiberglass shower pan, we widened the shower so it didn’t feel so cramped. The client also gets a foot massage every time they take a shower.

In this following set of pictures, we completed Wainscotting for another family in Fletcher. This wainscotting really dressed up this otherwise plain entryway. It brings depth and texture to the wall.

Spa-Like Experiences

Moving outside, in this next picture, we show some of the Outdoor Living Remodeling our company works on. We built this set of stairs so that the client could use the backyard and safely navigate from the patio to the yard. 

While we are new to the area, we also bring enthusiasm to establishing ourselves locally near our new home.

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